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Interior of a sunroom install by Building Concepts.

Why Choose Building Concepts for Your New Sunroom

Regardless of what you’re looking for in a sunroom or conservatory, Building Concepts has the product to suit your needs. Our designs come in a variety of architectural styles, not to mention materials. Whether you want aluminum, vinyl, or natural wood, we have the material to breathe new life into your Connecticut home. From Greenwich to Goshen, and all parts in between, Building Concepts has the perfect solution for you.

As the region’s leading sunrooms and solariums provider, we offer a wide selection of sunroom and conservatory styles that meet your needs, and most importantly, your budget. Looking to add a custom-designed solarium as a room addition to your magnificent home? Our team of experts will work with you from start to finish, ensuring that you get the room you’ve always dreamed of having.

Enjoying the breath-taking views of all that nature has to offer isn’t the only benefit that you’ll get from a Four Seasons sunroom from Building Concepts. We build our room additions with only the finest quality materials. That means you can take comfort knowing that your new sunroom is insulated and energy-efficient.

Whether you love the lighting and space of a cathedral sunroom or the modern appeal of the Four Seasons Loggia Room Addition, our premium-quality sunrooms will make your home the subject of your neighbors’ envy. You’ll also enjoy lower utility bills and do your part in going green by reducing your home’s energy consumption.

Enjoying private nights, relaxing under the stars, the possibilities are endless when you add a new Four Seasons room addition to your home. If you’re looking for unmatched quality and style in your sunroom or solarium, look no further than Building Concepts.

An Example of a Straght Roof Sunroom

Straight Roof Sunrooms

Simplicity and subtlety make the straight lines of our classic sunroom a seamless addition to your home.

An example of a Curved Roof Sunroom

Curved Roof Sunrooms

Graceful lines and curving symmetry complement your home’s existing roof line for a polished, finished look.

An example of a Cathedral Roof Sunrooms

Cathedral Style Sunrooms

Dramatic use of light and space drive our cathedral designs, adding a new dimension to your home and lifestyle.

An example of a Conservatory


Classical design and elegant construction combine for the ultimate in luxury living with our conservatory designs.

An example of a Hampton Room

The Hampton Room

If you’re looking to add more style to your lifestyle, nothing quite comes close to the Hampton Room by Four Seasons.

An example of a Loggia Room

The Loggia Room

The idea that you can take the design concept behind the traditional conservatory or room addition and spectacularly reinvent it.